Orange Buzz Live Resin HHC Vape Northern Lights (Indica) $34.99
HHC Northern Lights Indica Disposable VapeThe Latest Orange Buzz:  Immerse yourself in our new Orange Buzz HHC 1gm Live Resin Disposable Vapes!Produced from our delicious Northern Lights Indica terpene profilelocally made in the USA as one of the first HHC disposable vapes on the market!HHC is a new hemp-derived cannabinoid that is: Inherently found in the seeds and pollen of hemp   & identified as a trace component in Cannabis Sativa.  & while HHC may have similar effects to Delta-9 THCit is a non-synthetic cannabinoid. Meaning:  Our HHC cartridges are 100% Natural! + it's a 100% federally legal hemp extraction! Experience & Flavor: This innovative HHC vape uses premium 94% HHC distillate, paired with  Northern Lights Indica terpene profile to give a : Firm euphoric Body-buzz. Muscle Relaxing Excellent go-to for easing the mind.  The scent of Northern Lights Indica is a:  pungent, sweet, and spicy flavor profile- With a piney aroma. Specs: 1gm disposable and rechargeable Contains 94% Premium hemp derived HHC Distillate  Contains 6% Live Resin Natural Hemp Plant terpenes No Fillers, No MCT, PEG, PG, VG, Vitamin E Acetate Always 3rd party tested for purity 100% Hemp-derived Indica Warning: This product is intended for adults 21 and over. HHC may cause intoxication. Operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after using this product is not advised. This product may cause you to fail a THC drug test. You assume full responsibility for all parts related to your purchase and consumption. Advisory: HHC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. It does not contain Delta-9 THC. However, please observe your local laws when consuming HHC products, as it may be illegal or not explicitly legal at the state level in some areas. We retain the right to not ship to any states or territories where local laws conflict with the 2018 Farm Bill. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Always check with a physician before consuming hemp products. Keep out of reach from children. WE WILL NOT SHIP HHC TO THE FOLLOWING STATES DUE TO REGULATIONS & RESTRICTIONS. They include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, & Washington. It's also worth noting that the legal status of delta-8 has nothing to do with the legality of cannabis
3 Pack Orange Fuzz USDA Certified Organic Hemp Smokes - 2400MG - 30ct $38.50
Here’s why you should smoke Orange Fuzz instead of cigarettes. USDA Certified Organic hemp flower Responsibly farmed and sun-grown in California Plant-based biodegradable filters Rolled in un-bleached hemp paper Full Spectrum whole plant goodness Tobacco-Free Delta-9 THC levels are less than 0.3% in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are federally legal and are non-intoxicating.  Effects of high-yielding CBD and CBG can be felt quickly 23.75% CBD / 5,010 MG per 3 pack / 1,670 MG per pack/  167 MG per smoke
Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passion Fruit Gummies (Vegan) - 750MG - 30ct $38.99
Melt away your stress and get your foxzzz'z with our all-natural Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passion Fruit Vegan Gummies. Each gummy is 25mg total cannabinoids and packed with delicious flavor - made with real fruit! Allow to melt in your mouth instead of chewing for better absorption. Or, try melting in a soothing cup of tea. Sweet dreams!  CBD (12.2mg), CBG (13.5mg), CBN (2.2mg) Made with fresh orange juice and passion fruit puree VEGAN!! Non-GMO THC-FREE Full Spectrum Isolate Gluten-Free and Keto friendly NO artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors NO solvents, pesticides, metals or synthetics GMP Certified Manufacturing Practices One dose (piece) 25MG, 750MG per container, 30 gummies per container
BALANCE Belgium Chocolate Orange Chew (Vegan) - 1000MG - 20ct CBD/CBG $54.99
Allow a sense of Balance and focus to wash over you with our artisan crafted Belgium Chocolate Orange Chews 50mg per chew  Broad Spectrum blend of CBG & CBD. Bursting with delicious genuine Belgium chocolate and all natural orange zest (no artificial flavoring) Your mind will be blown by the brightness of your day 1000mg per tin of 20 chews VEGAN!! Free from gluten and dairy GMP Certified Manufacturing Practices


Smoking CBD organic hemp flower is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD. 

Smoking CBD hemp flower ranks even higher in terms of effectiveness than other slower-acting CBD consumption methods, such:



*or Capsules. 

The bioavailability of smoking CBD organic hemp flower is as high as 50 percent. That’s higher than CBD oil, whose bioavailability is at 20 percent

Orange Fuzz Hemp Smokes are 100% tobacco-free with Delta-9 THC levels less than 0.3% per the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are federally legal and non-intoxicating.

  • A great alternative for cigarette smokers
  • Better tasting, more mellow than tobacco
  • Get cannabis benefits without the high.
  • Party smoke instead of e-cigarettes: sharable and sanitary.
    Smoke CBD-rich hemp cigarettes to come down from cannabis.
  •  Different taste and smoking experience than tobacco.
  • Smells so much better than tobacco.
The primary value of hemp cigarettes is faster delivery of CBD and CBG

This makes hemp cigarettes the new functional smokable.

Smokers can quickly feel the effects of high-yielding CBD and CBG hemp cigarettes!

Give us a have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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