Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passion Fruit Gummies (Vegan) - 750MG - 30ct

$38.99 $54.99 -30% OFF


Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passion Fruit Gummies (Vegan) - 750MG - 30ct

$38.99 $54.99 -30% OFF

Melt away your stress and get your foxzzz'z with our all-natural Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passion Fruit Vegan Gummies. Each gummy is 25mg total cannabinoids and packed with delicious flavor - made with real fruit! Allow to melt in your mouth instead of chewing for better absorption. Or, try melting in a soothing cup of tea. Sweet dreams! 

  • CBD (12.2mg), CBG (13.5mg), CBN (2.2mg)
  • Made with fresh orange juice and passion fruit puree
  • VEGAN!!
  • Non-GMO
  • Full Spectrum Isolate
  • Gluten-Free and Keto friendly
  • NO artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors
  • NO solvents, pesticides, metals or synthetics
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing Practices
  • One dose (piece) 25MG, 750MG per container, 30 gummies per container

Founded by Mari Oxenberg, Orange Fuzz places great importance on the company's mission and values. She is certified in Medical Cannabis from the Pacific College of Health and Science and is a member of the Cannabis Nurses Association of America. Mari also holds a Master of Science in nurse-midwifery and has been a clinical herbalist for 25 years!

 As Mari's philosophy goes..."Plants Before Pills" ...

 All Orange Fuzz Products Are

* Made of the highest quality, California grown Hemp flower.
* Hand crafted to the highest specifications
* Laboratory tested and certified
* Solvent free
*Pesticide free
*Tobacco and Nicotine free
*Made with natural ingredients

Why Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passionfruit Gummies?

Orange Fuzz Relax Orange Passionfruit Gummies are like no other. We take great care and great pride in hand-crafting our CBD gummies to assure only the highest quality ingredients go in to making them. Unlike many other CBD gummies you’ll find on the market, our Relax Orange Passionfruit Gummies never have artificial flavors, are Non-GMO, Keto friendly, gluten-free, have no artificial dyes, are VEGAN and offer 25mg of total cannabinoids per gummy!

When to use Orange Fuzz Relax Orange Passionfruit Gummies

Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passionfruit Gummies can be taken whenever you need to relax. Whether it be after a long day at work, or anytime you need to just chill out and take it all in.

Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passionfruit Gummies are often taken before bedtime to help aid with sleep. A popular way to take these CBD gummies before bed is by melting one in a warm cup of chamomile tea.

Why CBD, CBG and CBN?

We’ve found that the combination of CBD, CBG and CBN (all are cannabinoids) may be better than CBD alone. While there have been many studies on the effect of these cannabinoids, we believe that using all three in tandem could lead to a better feeling of relaxation… especially before bed.

CBN has shown to have relaxing properties that encourage a restful night's sleep.
CBG binds to cell receptors in the body called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Your body naturally produces endocannabinoids which themselves bind to these receptors as part of the body's internal messaging systems. All three cannabinoids help promote a better feeling of relaxation, which can help lead to better sleep.

Why Gluten Free, Keto Friendly and VEGAN?

Let’s face it, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Our RELAX Orange Passionfruit CBD Gummies were crafted with this in mind. To help promote a better overall being, we shy away from making our CBD gummies overly sugary. And they’re made gluten free.  

But what’s better, they’re VEGAN!

We want everyone on low carb diets, those who are gluten intolerant and those of us who live the vegan lifestyle to be able to enjoy them… and relax all while knowing you won’t get a huge blood sugar spike, experience any uncomfortable symptoms of gluten intolerance, and you’re enjoying a 100% plant based CBD gummy! 


Why Use All Natural Ingredients?

Your body is your temple. By using only all natural ingredients in our Orange Fuzz RELAX Orange Passionfruit Gummies, we honor that truth. Our customers matter to us, and we fully believe that consuming anything that’s not natural could very well be detrimental to our bodies. All of our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients you can feel good about. There are many CBD gummies and other CBD products on the market that do not offer you 100% natural ingredients. But Orang Fuzz guarantees it, and we have the lab results to prove it!

And even better our RELAX Orange Passionfruit Gummies are 100% plant based and VEGAN!

Why Choose Orange Fuzz

Orange Fuzz believes in promoting healthier lifestyles and thinks everyone of legal age should be able to enjoy the mellowing benefits and chilled out effects of high-quality, California grown CBD hemp.  Whether you’re simply looking to kick back and relax with a CBD gummy, want to share a good conversation over a hemp smoke, or are looking to take things to the next level with our D9 gummies…

Orange Fuzz has you covered!

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When I first tried Orange Fuzz Hemp I was amazed at the taste and how smooth it was. I made the mistake of buying a cheaper brand and immediately threw it out after one puff. Love that Organic Hemp!!! Love Orange Fuzz!!

David Z

My wife are a little older (45-50) and the THC smokes are a little much for us these days. We have tried many other brands of hemp smokes but we really love Orange Fuzz. It's local, super smooth and affordable compared to other brands.

Andrew T

Hi, I tried one pack and loved it - This is a product of integrity and one I am excited to share with many friends and loved ones. Incredible! Love this Orange Fuzz its the best & you can feel it working its magic. Will for sure buy this again

Noah B

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