The Only USDA Certified Organic CBD HEMP Smokes

A pack of Orange Fuzz organic hemp smokes contains approximately 800mg of CBD (80mg per organic hemp smoke) so you may enjoy relaxation without the buzz. Our farm and hemp have been certified organic by the USDA and our farmer uses regenerative farming practices. To ensure that our customers have positive experience we pledge to only use the finest smokable hemp flower (the buds of the plant) and never use biomass which is ground up stems, seeds and leaves and contains barely any CBD!  Our amazing smokable flower is what makes Orange Fuzz the finest hemp smoke on the market with an effect that can be tasted and felt.

The Proof is in the Testing

Our CBD organic hemp is sun-grown and rolled in California with the highest quality USDA certified organic flower with a detailed Certificate Of Analysis (COA).

Orange Fuzz is a A Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

Mari Oxenberg places great importance on the companies mission and values.

It Was Crazy Smooth

It was Crazy Smooth... Didn't hurt my chest and I would now recommend to anyone.

Brenda - Los Angeles

Thank You Orange Fuzz

My reason to take a break just got so much better. Thank you Orange Fuzz. Your hemp is unparalleled.

Jessica - Los Angeles


Smoking CBD Hemp is Fast Acting

Smoking CBD organic hemp flower is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD. Smoking CBD hemp flower ranks even higher in terms of effectiveness, compared to other slower-acting methods of CBD consumption, such as edibles, ointments, or capsules. 

Smoking CBD Hemp Delivers Higher Bioavailability

The bioavailability of smoking CBD organic hemp flower is as high as 50 percent. That’s higher than CBD oil, whose bioavailability is a paltry 20 percent.