Orange Fuzz believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the mellowing benefits and chilled out effects of high-quality CBD hemp.

We’ve built and cemented our reputation with the highest quality, USDA certified organic, tobacco-free, smokable hemp products. There is no better tasting, smoother drawing CBD products on the market.

While millions of people continue to smoke tobacco products, far too few have realized there is an alternative. CBD joints, or smokable CBD and CBD edibles.
Using the highest quality hemp flower, our smokable hemp, HHC vapes, and CBD gummies offer everyone the alternative they’ve been looking for. Our hemp joints have nearly 24% CBD! 

When you smoke Orange Fuzz hemp pre-rolled CBD joints, you’ll quickly realize that you may not want tobacco anymore. You’ll be asking yourself, “why would I smoke cigarettes when I can smoke super clean, super smooth CBD pre-rolls?

In fact, it’s so clean that our Southern California farm has been certified organic by the USDA, and our team of hemp farmers only use regenerative cultivation practices, resulting in lab confirmed, total cannabinoids of 23.89%

To ensure that our customers have a positive experience, we pledge only to use the finest smokable hemp flower and never use biomass.

Our feminized hemp seeds are high-grade medical CBD strains that provide our customers with high-yield CBD/low-level THC that is compliant with federal hemp regulations, while offering the smoothest, mellowest experience possible.

This makes Orange Fuzz the finest filtered hemp smoke on the market, with the most pleasant, relaxing effect that can be tasted and felt without many of the harmful contaminants that other brands may have like:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • molds,
  • and bacteria.
Our USDA Certified hemp flower is lovingly rolled in unbleached hemp paper, plus our filters are biodegradable!

We believe in protecting the earth and living in a world without pesticides and toxic chemicals that are detrimental to:

  • The farmers who use them,
  • Humans who consume them
  • Surrounding communities
  • & our planet.
So, if you’re looking for a USDA certified organic alternative to tobacco, or you just want to relax and enjoy yourself with a mellow, paranoia-free smoke, Orange Fuzz is here for you!

Why would you want to keep smoking cigarettes when you can smoke Orange Fuzz instead?

Orange Fuzz is a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

Mari Oxenberg places great importance on the company's mission and values.

She is certified in Medical Cannabis from the Pacific College of Health and Science and is a member of the Cannabis Nurses Association of America.

Mari also holds a Master of Science in nurse-midwifery and has been a clinical herbalist for 25 years!

As Mari's philosophy goes..."Plants Before Pills" ...

Mari Oxenberg M.S.RN, CNM

Founder/CEO Orange Fuzz LLC