USDA Certified Organic Hemp Smokes Pack

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The Fox doesn’t run with a pack, but she thinks you’ll enjoy this one. Take a tobacco-free, non-psychoactive breather. Whether you savor solitude or share with a friend, take a moment to refresh your perspective.

 Orange Fuzz Hemp Smokes are sun-grown in California and rolled with the highest quality USDA certified organic flower. Our farm uses regenerative farming practices to grow the finest hemp, rich in CBD and naturally occurring beneficial terpenes like beta-caryophyllene which make our hemp cigarettes deeply relaxing and satisfying. Our plant-based filters are completely biodegradable and we use hemp paper to roll our smokes. We never ever use biomass or any additives like other brands and you will taste and feel the difference. Orange Fuzz Hemp Smokes are 100% tobacco free with Delta-9 THC levels less than 0.3% in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are federally legal and are non-intoxicating. 


  • Faster delivery of CBD and CBG than pills, creams and tinctures
  • Helps to quit nicotine and tobacco
  • Healthier smoke than tobacco
  • Get cannabis benefits without the high
  • Party smoke instead of e-cigarettes: sharable and sanitary
  • Smoke CBD rich hemp cigarettes to come down from cannabis
  • Different taste and smoking experience than tobacco

The main value of hemp cigarettes is faster delivery of CBD and CBG. This makes hemp cigarettes the new functional smokable. Smokers can feel the effects of high yielding CBD and CBG hemp cigarettes within one minute. As the market progresses and technology catches up with the category, more flavors and specific blends will come into the market with such functions as relaxations, sleep, energy, or focus, amount others.

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